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Builtin/profiler: Replace game profiler (#4245)

Use the setting "profiler.load" to enable profiling.
Other settings can be found in settingtypes.txt.

* /profiler print [filter] - report statistics to in-game console
* /profiler dump [filter] - report statistics to STDOUT and debug.txt
* /profiler save [format [filter]] - saves statistics to a file in your worldpath
	* txt (default) - same treetable format as used by the dump and print commands
	* csv - ready for spreadsheet import
	* json - useful for adhoc D3 visualizations
	* json_pretty - line wrapped and intended json for humans
	* lua - serialized lua table of the profile-data, for adhoc scripts
* /profiler reset - reset all gathered profile data.
	This can be helpful to discard of any startup measurements that often spike during loading or to get more useful min-values.

[filter] allows limiting the output of the data via substring/pattern matching against the modname.

Note: Serialized data structures might be subject to change with changed or added measurements.
	csv might be the most stable, due to flat structure.

Changes to the previous version include:

* Updated and extended API monitoring
* Correct calculation of average (mean) values (undistorted by idleness)
* Reduce instrumentation overhead.
* Fix crashes related to missing parameters for the future and occasional DIV/0's.
* Prevent issues caused by timetravel (overflow, timejump, NTP corrections)
* Prevent modname clashes with internal names.
* Measure each instrumentation individually and label based on registration order.
* Labeling of ABM's and LBM's for easier classification.
  Giving several ABM's or LBM's the same label will treat them as one.
  Missing labels will be autogenerated based on name or registration order.
* Configurable instrumentation and reporting. Skip e.g. builtin if you don't need it.
* Profile the profiler to measure instrumentation overhead.
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t4im authored and est31 committed Jul 12, 2016
1 parent d6865c4 commit d7060c212f3d9fb9a69719e9041fdef1f5792fef
@@ -14,19 +14,6 @@ function core.register_chatcommand(cmd, def)
core.chatcommands[cmd] = def

if core.setting_getbool("mod_profiling") then
local tracefct = profiling_print_log
profiling_print_log = nil
params = "",
description = "save mod profiling data to logfile " ..
"(depends on default loglevel)",
func = tracefct,
privs = { server=true }

core.register_on_chat_message(function(name, message)
local cmd, param = string.match(message, "^/([^ ]+) *(.*)")
if not param then
@@ -51,6 +38,12 @@ core.register_on_chat_message(function(name, message)
return true -- Handled chat message

if core.setting_getbool("profiler.load") then
-- Run after register_chatcommand and its register_on_chat_message
-- Before any chattcommands that should be profiled

-- Parses a "range" string in the format of "here (number)" or
-- "(x1, y1, z1) (x2, y2, z2)", returning two position vectors
local function parse_range_str(player_name, str)
@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ dofile(gamepath.."constants.lua")

if core.setting_getbool("mod_profiling") then
if core.setting_getbool("profiler.load") then
profiler = dofile(scriptpath.."profiler"..DIR_DELIM.."init.lua")

@@ -26,3 +26,5 @@ dofile(gamepath.."features.lua")

profiler = nil

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