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Player hand list: require init by mods
Mods will now have to initialize the list/slot in order to define the default player hand.
They may use the inventory callbacks to prevent abuse of this list.
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SmallJoker committed Oct 4, 2018
1 parent 1413b72 commit d77f3b3fdeb0da2a69547594b5a75570a54b02d1
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@@ -2257,8 +2257,10 @@ Player Inventory lists

* `main`: list containing the default inventory
* `craft`: list containing the craft input
* `craftpreview`: list containing the craft output
* `craftpreview`: list containing the craft prediction
* `craftresult`: list containing the crafted output
* `hand`: list containing an override for the empty hand
* Is not created automatically, use `InvRef:set_size`

@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ Player::Player(const char *name, IItemDefManager *idef):

inventory.addList("main", PLAYER_INVENTORY_SIZE);
inventory.addList("hand", 1);
InventoryList *craft = inventory.addList("craft", 9);
inventory.addList("craftpreview", 1);

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