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Correct documentation around minetest.item_place

The code that calls minetest.item_place_object was removed
in 2013 in commit fc61c88.
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sfan5 committed Dec 16, 2019
1 parent b50dc43 commit db7e59f4725a9516314ea0148d1bcaf250280e32
Showing with 14 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +2 −0 builtin/game/item.lua
  2. +12 −11 doc/lua_api.txt
@@ -398,6 +398,7 @@ function core.item_place_node(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing, param2,
return itemstack, true

-- deprecated, item_place does not call this
function core.item_place_object(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing)
local pos = core.get_pointed_thing_position(pointed_thing, true)
if pos ~= nil then
@@ -419,6 +420,7 @@ function core.item_place(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing, param2)

-- Place if node, otherwise do nothing
if itemstack:get_definition().type == "node" then
return core.item_place_node(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing, param2)
@@ -4851,10 +4851,8 @@ Rollback
* Revert latest actions of someone
* `actor`: `"player:<name>"`, also `"liquid"`.

Defaults for the `on_*` item definition functions

These functions return the leftover itemstack.
Defaults for the `on_place` and `on_drop` item definition functions

* `minetest.item_place_node(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing[, param2, prevent_after_place])`
* Place item as a node
@@ -4864,20 +4862,23 @@ These functions return the leftover itemstack.
* returns `itemstack, success`
* `minetest.item_place_object(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing)`
* Place item as-is
* `minetest.item_place(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing, param2)`
* Use one of the above based on what the item is.
* returns the leftover itemstack
* **Note**: This function is deprecated and will never be called.
* `minetest.item_place(itemstack, placer, pointed_thing[, param2])`
* Wrapper that calls `minetest.item_place_node` if appropriate
* Calls `on_rightclick` of `pointed_thing.under` if defined instead
* **Note**: is not called when wielded item overrides `on_place`
* `param2` overrides `facedir` and wallmounted `param2`
* `param2` overrides facedir and wallmounted `param2`
* returns `itemstack, success`
* `minetest.item_drop(itemstack, dropper, pos)`
* Drop the item
* `minetest.item_eat(hp_change, replace_with_item)`
* Eat the item.
* returns the leftover itemstack
* `minetest.item_eat(hp_change[, replace_with_item])`
* Returns `function(itemstack, user, pointed_thing)` as a
function wrapper for `minetest.do_item_eat`.
* `replace_with_item` is the itemstring which is added to the inventory.
If the player is eating a stack, then replace_with_item goes to a
different spot. Can be `nil`
* See `minetest.do_item_eat`
different spot.

Defaults for the `on_punch` and `on_dig` node definition callbacks

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