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Better document behavior of on_punchplayer

Esp. the fact that it's invoked even if the punched player is dead
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ClobberXD authored and sfan5 committed Apr 27, 2019
1 parent c4578ae commit e32a630937de69454c741e93979a7889fcddc7a9
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@@ -3718,6 +3718,7 @@ Call these functions only at load time!
* Called after a new player has been created
* `minetest.register_on_punchplayer(function(player, hitter, time_from_last_punch, tool_capabilities, dir, damage))`
* Called when a player is punched
* Note: This callback is invoked even if the punched player is dead.
* `player`: ObjectRef - Player that was punched
* `hitter`: ObjectRef - Player that hit
* `time_from_last_punch`: Meant for disallowing spamming of clicks

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