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Document how to work with ClangFormat (#10468)
To avoid the common misunderstanding where a contributor thinks they
must apply the unsuitable formatting requests ClangFormat makes.
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4. The code's interfaces are well designed, regardless of other aspects that might need more work in the future.
5. It uses protocols and formats which include the required compatibility.

### Important note about automated GitHub checks

When you submit a pull request, GitHub automatically runs checks on the Minetest Engine combined with your changes. One of these checks is called 'cpp lint / clang format', which checks code formatting.
Because formatting for readability requires human judgement this check often fails and often makes unsuitable formatting requests which make code readability worse.

If this check fails, look at the details to check for any clear mistakes and correct those. However you should not apply everything ClangFormat requests, ignore requests that make code readability worse and any other clearly unsuitable requests.
Discuss with a core developer if in any doubt and for how to progress.

## Issues

If you experience an issue, we would like to know the details - especially when a stable release is on the way.
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