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Add more information about how get_node_light works.
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RobertZenz authored and est31 committed Sep 8, 2015
1 parent 0b87556 commit fe6575b8d38b29026adb9bf3d6226b5b3ceb4cab
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@@ -1914,9 +1914,13 @@ and `minetest.auth_reload` call the authetification handler.
* Returns `{name="ignore", ...}` for unloaded area
* `minetest.get_node_or_nil(pos)`
* Returns `nil` for unloaded area
* `minetest.get_node_light(pos, timeofday)` returns a number between `0` and `15` or `nil`
* `minetest.get_node_light(pos, timeofday)`
* Gets the light value at the given position. Note that the light value
"inside" the node at the given position is returned, so you usually want
to get the light value of a neighbor.
* `pos`: The position where to measure the light.
* `timeofday`: `nil` for current time, `0` for night, `0.5` for day

* Returns a number between `0` and `15` or `nil`
* `minetest.place_node(pos, node)`
* Place node with the same effects that a player would cause
* `minetest.dig_node(pos)`

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