Minetest 5.0.0

Updated Jan 18, 2019

Minetest 5.0.0 is a breaking compat release

Here is a shortlist of awaited features

Features awaited

  • None currently.

Possible features (but unlikely)

  • Reworking the network code
    • Rewriting sender/listener (using both TCP + UDP with polling) or fix them (hard)
    • Rewriting session system
    • 🆗 Update protocol version to a SRP compatible version if compat on the underlying layer, else latest version
    • 🆗 Fix some packets crap incompatiblity on types
    • 🆗 New chat protocol (replace raw chat with flagged chat protocol)
  • Client Side Modding
    • 🆗 Channels (for this feature i suggest having a dedicated thread to bridge all messages inside/outside server and between clients). Modes: unicast/broadcast
    • Securing builtin against CSM
  • More CSM work
    • inventory callbacks
    • buttons with textures and bound callbacks on it
    • 🆗 custom HUD client side
  • Rewrite ClientEvent to use proper events with inheritance and function pointers instead of union + switch case
  • Game class refactor, split the object and cleanup
  • Server-sent Client Side Modding
    • Sending mods to clients (should be very very secure)
    • Securing builtin against CSM