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paramat Flora spread: Reduce maximum density
Previously, maximum flora density was chosen based on the extremely rare
occurrence of all 8 flowers being at high density at one location. This
caused flora everywhere to spread to an unacceptably high density.

Revert the threshold to 3, which in testing results in a more acceptable
maximum density of 7 flora per 9x9 area.
Latest commit bf3efa0 Jul 17, 2018


Minetest Game [minetest_game]
The main game for the Minetest engine

To use this game with the Minetest engine, insert this repository as

The Minetest engine can be found in:

The Minetest Game github master HEAD is generally compatible with the github
master HEAD of the Minetest engine.

Additionally, when the Minetest engine is tagged to be a certain version (eg.
0.4.10), Minetest Game is tagged with the version too.

When stable releases are made, Minetest Game is packaged and made available in
and in case the repository has grown too much, it may be reset. In that sense,
this is not a "real" git repository. (Package maintainers please note!)