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Add settingtypes.txt for Minetest Game

Commit originally by PilzAdam.
Settings appear in advanced settings menu.
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paramat committed Sep 23, 2016
1 parent 3e05870 commit 0f6e75bcb5d642f22ad5697891468001a07b83e5
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# This file contains settings of minetest_game that can be changed in
# minetest.conf

# In creative mode players are able to dig all kind of blocks nearly
# instantly, and have access to unlimited resources.
# Some of the functionality is only available if this setting is present
# at startup.
creative_mode (Creative mode) bool false

# Flammable nodes will be ignited by nearby igniters. Spreading fire may
# cause severe destruction.
# Spreading fire nodes will disappear when fire is disabled, but
# 'permanent_flame' nodes are unaffected.
enable_fire (Fire) bool true

# If enabled, steel tools, torches and cobblestone will be given to new
# players.
give_initial_stuff (Give initial items) bool false

# If enabled, players respawn at the bed they last lay on instead of normal
# spawn.
# This setting is only read at startup.
enable_bed_respawn (Respawn at bed) bool true

# If enabled, the night can be skipped if more than half of the players are
# in beds.
enable_bed_night_skip (Skip night when sleeping) bool true

# When TNT explodes, it destroys nearby nodes and damages nearby players.
# This setting is disabled by default on servers.
enable_tnt (TNT) bool true

# The radius in which nodes will be destroyed by a TNT explosion.
tnt_radius (TNT radius) int 3 0

# The time in seconds after which the bones of a dead player can be looted
# by everyone.
# Setting this to 0 will disable sharing of bones completely.
share_bones_time (Bone share time) int 1200 0

# Replaces old stairs with new ones. Only required for older worlds.
enable_stairs_replace_abm (Replace old stairs) bool false

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