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Update Chinese translation (#2730)

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IFRFSX committed Sep 2, 2020
1 parent befed55 commit 25bf3fdc9cd553ea76f821e3934e20a4dcb925ee
@@ -59,15 +59,18 @@ Silver Sandstone Block=银砂岩方块
Obsidian Brick=黑曜石砖
Obsidian Block=黑曜石方块
Dirt with Grass=带草的土
Dirt with Grass and Footsteps=带草的土及脚印
Dirt with Dry Grass=带干草的土
Dirt with Snow=带雪的土

Dirt with Grass=草方块
Dirt with Grass and Footsteps=草方块及脚印
Dirt with Dry Grass=干草土方块
Dirt with Snow=雪土方块
Dirt with Rainforest Litter=雨林腐土
Dirt with Coniferous Litter=针叶林腐土
Dry Dirt=干土
Dry Dirt with Dry Grass=干土和干草
Savanna Dirt=草原土
Dirt with Savanna Grass=草原草方块
Savanna Dirt with Savanna Grass=草原草方块(草原土)

Permafrost with Stones=带石头的多年冻土
Permafrost with Moss=生苔的多年冻土
@@ -174,7 +177,13 @@ Glass=玻璃
Obsidian Glass=黑曜石玻璃
Brick Block=砖方块
Mese Lamp=黄石灯
Mese Post Light=黄石柱灯

Apple Wood Mese Post Light=苹果木黄石灯柱
Acacia Wood Mese Post Light=金合欢木黄石灯柱
Aspen Wood Mese Post Light=白杨木黄石灯柱
Jungle Wood Mese Post Light=丛林木黄石灯柱
Pine Wood Mese Post Light=松木黄石灯柱

Wooden Pickaxe=木镐
Stone Pickaxe=石镐
@@ -59,15 +59,18 @@ Silver Sandstone Block=銀砂岩方塊
Obsidian Brick=黑曜石磚
Obsidian Block=黑曜石方塊
Dirt with Grass=帶草的土
Dirt with Grass and Footsteps=帶草的土及腳印
Dirt with Dry Grass=帶乾草的土
Dirt with Snow=帶雪的土

Dirt with Grass=草方塊
Dirt with Grass and Footsteps=草方塊及腳印
Dirt with Dry Grass=乾草土方塊
Dirt with Snow=雪土方塊
Dirt with Rainforest Litter=雨林腐土
Dirt with Coniferous Litter=針葉林腐土
Dry Dirt=乾土
Dry Dirt with Dry Grass=乾土和乾草
Savanna Dirt=草原土
Dirt with Savanna Grass=草原草方塊
Savanna Dirt with Savanna Grass=草原草方塊(草原土)

Permafrost with Stones=帶石頭的多年凍土
Permafrost with Moss=生苔的多年凍土
@@ -174,7 +177,13 @@ Glass=玻璃
Obsidian Glass=黑曜石玻璃
Brick Block=磚方塊
Mese Lamp=黃石燈
Mese Post Light=黃石柱燈

Apple Wood Mese Post Light=蘋果木黃石燈柱
Acacia Wood Mese Post Light=金合歡木黃石燈柱
Aspen Wood Mese Post Light=白楊木黃石燈柱
Jungle Wood Mese Post Light=叢林木黃石燈柱
Pine Wood Mese Post Light=松木黃石燈柱

Wooden Pickaxe=木鎬
Stone Pickaxe=石鎬
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ You do not own this trapdoor.=这个活板门不属于你所有。
a locked trapdoor=一扇已上锁的活板门
Wooden Trapdoor=木活板门
Steel Trapdoor=铁活板门
Apple Wood Fence Gate=用苹果树做的木栅栏门
Apple Wood Fence Gate=苹果木栅栏门
Acacia Wood Fence Gate=相思木栅栏门
Jungle Wood Fence Gate=丛林木栅栏门
Pine Wood Fence Gate=松木栅栏门
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ You do not own this trapdoor.=這個活板門不屬於你所有。
a locked trapdoor=一扇已上鎖的活板門
Wooden Trapdoor=木活板門
Steel Trapdoor=鐵活板門
Apple Wood Fence Gate=用蘋果樹做的木柵欄門
Apple Wood Fence Gate=蘋果木柵欄門
Acacia Wood Fence Gate=相思木柵欄門
Jungle Wood Fence Gate=叢林木柵欄門
Pine Wood Fence Gate=松木柵欄門

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