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TNT: Raise cost of TNT by adding a TNT stick crafting stage

6 gunpowder and 1 paper crafts to 2 TNT stick craftitems.
9 TNT sticks craft to 1 TNT.
TNT stick is not yet usable as an explosive, possibly later.
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paramat committed Jun 1, 2018
1 parent e74e091 commit 37b206e49f670e30f61d4c3db8f5e4acab1c1ad4
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@@ -23,22 +23,35 @@ All gunpowder textures except tnt_gunpowder_inventory.png.
sofar ( (CC BY-SA 3.0):

paramat (CC BY-SA 3.0)
tnt_tnt_stick.png - Derived from a texture by benrob0329.

This mod adds TNT to Minetest. TNT is a tool to help the player
in mining.

How to use the mod:

Craft gunpowder by placing coal and gravel in the crafting area.
The gunpowder can be used to craft TNT or as fuse for TNT.
To craft TNT place items like this:
-- wood - gunpowder -- wood -
gunpowder gunpowder gunpowder
-- wood - gunpowder -- wood -
The gunpowder can be used to craft TNT sticks or as a fuse trail for TNT.

To craft 2 TNT sticks:
G = gunpowder
P = paper
The sticks are not usable as an explosive.

Craft TNT from 9 TNT sticks.

There are different ways to blow up TNT:
There are different ways to ignite TNT:
1. Hit it with a torch.
2. Hit a gunpowder fuse that leads to a TNT block with a torch or flint-and-steel.
2. Hit a gunpowder fuse trail that leads to TNT with a torch or
3. Activate it with mesecons (fastest way).

Be aware of the damage radius of 6 blocks!
For 1 TNT:
Node destruction radius is 3 nodes.
Player and object damage radius is 6 nodes.
@@ -546,13 +546,28 @@ minetest.register_craft({
recipe = {"default:coal_lump", "default:gravel"}

minetest.register_craftitem("tnt:tnt_stick", {
description = "TNT Stick",
inventory_image = "tnt_tnt_stick.png",
groups = {flammable = 5},

if enable_tnt then
output = "tnt:tnt_stick 2",
recipe = {
{"tnt:gunpowder", "", "tnt:gunpowder"},
{"tnt:gunpowder", "default:paper", "tnt:gunpowder"},
{"tnt:gunpowder", "", "tnt:gunpowder"},

output = "tnt:tnt",
recipe = {
{"group:wood", "tnt:gunpowder", "group:wood"},
{"tnt:gunpowder", "tnt:gunpowder", "tnt:gunpowder"},
{"group:wood", "tnt:gunpowder", "group:wood"}
{"tnt:tnt_stick", "tnt:tnt_stick", "tnt:tnt_stick"},
{"tnt:tnt_stick", "tnt:tnt_stick", "tnt:tnt_stick"},
{"tnt:tnt_stick", "tnt:tnt_stick", "tnt:tnt_stick"}

@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ Copyright (C) 2014-2016 BlockMen
Copyright (C) 2014-2016 ShadowNinja
Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Wuzzy
Copyright (C) 2016 sofar (
Copyright (C) 2018 paramat

You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
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