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Allow both sides of the bed to be digged up.

Tested with nodebreaker, fire.

If called from lua, minetest.remove_node() calls on_destruct() callbacks
before the map is actually updated. This means that we can't look at the
map data to determine if we're done cleaning up adjacent nodes, and we
have to stop recursing some other way.

There's no data we can pass around through functions that would survive
scope to a secondary on_destruct() callback, so we have to maintain
local state somewhere in the mod namespace.

In this case, we keep a bitflag. The bitflag is set to "true" by
default. On the first half removal, the flag is flipped and afterwards
we remove the other half node. When the on_destruct for the other half
is running, it's value is false and we flip it back to true without
removing the other half node.

This thus prevents recursing.

To facilitate easier finding of the bed partner, we tell our on_destruct
whether we're a top or bottom half node through a passed flag.

Now that the top is diggable, we just need to assure that it drops a
bottom bed part.
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sofar authored and paramat committed Mar 18, 2016
1 parent cb57f70 commit 41c2b2aeea5b8c4ac6340a54f37ce15c731e0cac
Showing with 29 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +29 −8 mods/beds/api.lua
@@ -1,3 +1,27 @@

local reverse = true

local function destruct_bed(pos, n)
local node = minetest.get_node(pos)
local other

if n == 2 then
local dir = minetest.facedir_to_dir(node.param2)
other = vector.subtract(pos, dir)
elseif n == 1 then
local dir = minetest.facedir_to_dir(node.param2)
other = vector.add(pos, dir)

if reverse then
reverse = not reverse
reverse = not reverse

function beds.register_bed(name, def)
minetest.register_node(name .. "_bottom", {
description = def.description,
@@ -39,14 +63,7 @@ function beds.register_bed(name, def)

on_destruct = function(pos)
local n = minetest.get_node_or_nil(pos)
if not n then return end
local dir = minetest.facedir_to_dir(n.param2)
local p = vector.add(pos, dir)
local n2 = minetest.get_node(p)
if minetest.get_item_group(, "bed") == 2 and n.param2 == n2.param2 then
destruct_bed(pos, 1)

on_rightclick = function(pos, node, clicker)
@@ -95,10 +112,14 @@ function beds.register_bed(name, def)
pointable = false,
groups = {snappy = 1, choppy = 2, oddly_breakable_by_hand = 2, flammable = 3, bed = 2},
sounds = default.node_sound_wood_defaults(),
drop = name .. "_bottom",
node_box = {
type = "fixed",
fixed =,
on_destruct = function(pos)
destruct_bed(pos, 2)

minetest.register_alias(name, name .. "_bottom")

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