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New gravel texture.

Issue #811 - new gravel texture needed.

This texture was Gambits' PixelBOX gravel light texture. Gambit
posted that his texture pack is WTFPL:

I've made significant modifications to this texture:
- slightly rotated and rolled some sections of pixels
- minor burn/dodge some pixels to keep high contrast
- removed lineair repeating effects
- etc.

Attribution is added back to Gambit. Thanks.
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sofar authored and paramat committed Feb 19, 2016
1 parent 363b95c commit 5569950b26507704f603fc2e43b3cae26825c511
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  1. +3 −0 mods/default/README.txt
  2. BIN mods/default/textures/default_gravel.png
@@ -156,6 +156,9 @@ sofar (CC BY-SA 3.0):
default_aspen_tree_top, derived from default_pine_tree_top (by paramat)
default_aspen_wood, derived from default_pine_wood (by paramat)

sofar (WTFPL):
default_gravel.png -- Derived from Gambit's PixelBOX texture pack light gravel

Neuromancer (CC BY-SA 2.0):
default_cobble.png, based on texture by Brane praefect
default_mossycobble.png, based on texture by Brane praefect
Binary file not shown.

4 comments on commit 5569950


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@tenplus1 tenplus1 replied Feb 23, 2016

Many players on my server report that the new gravel texture looks cartoonish and would prefer the older one or the alternative from PixelBox (darker version of above).


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@sorcerykid sorcerykid replied Apr 28, 2018

I agree @tenplus1, I've actually gotten compliments for keeping the original gravel texture. I'm not fond of this new texture personally, But, I will probably add it as a new node "Loose gravel", while renaming the old one to "Fine gravel". From an aesthetic standpoint, they both have their place, I think.


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@Fixer-007 Fixer-007 replied Apr 28, 2018

Probably copied MC again :one_tooth_out_smile_from_phpBB:


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Member Author

@sofar sofar replied Apr 28, 2018

Please don't necrobump. You well know to post Pull Requests, right?

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