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Update Chinese translation (#2563)
rail = 轨道 / 栏杆
grass = 草

and, mese color is yellow, so i translate it to "黄石"。(Chinese words without MESE)
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IFRFSX authored and SmallJoker committed Jan 25, 2020
1 parent da39bae commit eac4795
Showing 1 changed file with 21 additions and 21 deletions.
42 changes: 21 additions & 21 deletions mods/default/locale/
Expand Up @@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Coal Lump=煤矿
Iron Lump=铁矿
Copper Lump=铜矿
Tin Lump=锡矿
Mese Crystal=Mese水晶
Mese Crystal=黄石水晶
Gold Lump=金矿
Clay Lump=粘土矿
Expand All @@ -24,16 +24,16 @@ Copper Ingot=铜锭
Tin Ingot=锡锭
Bronze Ingot=青铜锭
Gold Ingot=金锭
Mese Crystal Fragment=Mese水晶碎片
Mese Crystal Fragment=黄石水晶碎片
Clay Brick=粘土砖
Obsidian Shard=黑曜石碎片
Furnace is empty=熔炉是空的
100% (output full)=100%(输出满
100% (output full)=100%(输出已满
Not cookable=不可煮
Not cookable=不可烹饪
Furnace active=熔炉活跃
Furnace inactive=熔炉非活跃
(Item: @1; Fuel: @2)=(项目:@1;燃料:@2)
Expand All @@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ Obsidian=黑曜石
Obsidian Brick=黑曜石砖
Obsidian Block=黑曜石块
Dirt with Grass=土和玻璃
Dirt with Grass and Footsteps=土和玻璃及脚印
Dirt with Grass=带草的土
Dirt with Grass and Footsteps=带草的土及脚印
Dirt with Dry Grass=土和干草
Dirt with Snow=土和雪
Dirt with Rainforest Litter=雨林腐土
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ Jungle Tree=丛林树
Jungle Wood Planks=丛林树木板
Jungle Tree Leaves=丛林树叶
Jungle Tree Sapling=丛林树苗
Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling=紧急丛林树苗
Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling=应急丛林树苗
Pine Tree=松树
Pine Wood Planks=松树木板
Pine Needles=松针
Expand All @@ -112,8 +112,8 @@ Copper Block=铜块
Tin Ore=锡矿石
Tin Block=锡块
Bronze Block=青铜块
Mese Ore=Mese矿石
Mese Block=Mese块
Mese Ore=黄石矿石
Mese Block=黄石块
Gold Ore=金矿石
Gold Block=金块
Diamond Ore=钻石矿石
Expand All @@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ Jungle Grass=莦
Dry Grass=干草
Marram Grass=Marram草
Marram Grass=滨草
Bush Stem=灌木
Bush Leaves=灌木叶
Bush Sapling=灌木苗
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -165,40 +165,40 @@ Acacia Wood Fence=相思木围栏
Jungle Wood Fence=丛林木栅栏
Pine Wood Fence=松木栅栏
Aspen Wood Fence=白杨木栅栏
Apple Wood Fence Rail=苹果木铁路
Acacia Wood Fence Rail=相思木铁路
Jungle Wood Fence Rail=丛林木铁路
Pine Wood Fence Rail=松木铁路
Aspen Wood Fence Rail=白杨木铁路
Apple Wood Fence Rail=苹果木栏杆
Acacia Wood Fence Rail=相思木栏杆
Jungle Wood Fence Rail=丛林木栏杆
Pine Wood Fence Rail=松木栏杆
Aspen Wood Fence Rail=白杨木栏杆
Obsidian Glass=黑曜石玻璃
Brick Block=砖块
Mese Lamp=Mese灯
Mese Post Light=Mese柱灯
Mese Lamp=黄石灯
Mese Post Light=黄石柱灯
Wooden Pickaxe=木镐
Stone Pickaxe=石镐
Bronze Pickaxe=青铜镐
Steel Pickaxe=铁镐
Mese Pickaxe=Mese镐
Mese Pickaxe=黄石镐
Diamond Pickaxe=钻石镐
Wooden Shovel=木铲
Stone Shovel=石铲
Bronze Shovel=青铜铲
Steel Shovel=铁铲
Mese Shovel=Mese铲
Mese Shovel=黄石铲
Diamond Shovel=钻石铲
Wooden Axe=木斧
Stone Axe=石斧
Bronze Axe=青铜斧
Steel Axe=铁斧
Mese Axe=Mese斧
Mese Axe=黄石斧
Diamond Axe=钻石斧
Wooden Sword=木剑
Stone Sword=石剑
Bronze Sword=青铜剑
Steel Sword=铁剑
Mese Sword=Mese剑
Mese Sword=黄石剑
Diamond Sword=钻石剑
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