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Change obsidian glass drawtype to glasslike_framed_optional

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theunifiedmind7 authored and paramat committed Mar 1, 2015
1 parent 0004c5e commit f5c8f881d708fdd84a10a1ba724601b40045d0c0
@@ -1648,8 +1648,9 @@ minetest.register_node("default:glass", {

minetest.register_node("default:obsidian_glass", {
description = "Obsidian Glass",
drawtype = "glasslike",
tiles = {"default_obsidian_glass.png"},
drawtype = "glasslike_framed_optional",
tiles = {"default_obsidian_glass.png", "default_obsidian_glass_detail.png"},

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HybridDog Sep 16, 2015


using the blank.png image works too, doesn't it?

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theunifiedmind7 Sep 17, 2015

Author Contributor

It probably would I didn't even think to use it....smh.

inventory_image = minetest.inventorycube("default_obsidian_glass.png"),
paramtype = "light",
is_ground_content = false,
sunlight_propagates = true,
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