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Fix color parsing code (prev. commit)

Also make sure there's enough parameters: Name, R, G and B
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sfan5 committed Oct 8, 2016
1 parent 173dd75 commit 0bf0d8e035b5b440c6c16c1bb295134d8d372d2c
Showing with 11 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +11 −6 TileGenerator.cpp
@@ -261,24 +261,29 @@ void TileGenerator::generate(const std::string &input, const std::string &output

void TileGenerator::parseColorsStream(std::istream &in)
char line[128], *p;
char line[128];
while (in.good()) {
in.getline(line, 128);
while(*p++ != '\0') {

for(char *p = line; *p; p++) {
if(*p != '#')
*p = '\0'; // Cut off at the first #
if(strlen(line) == 0)

char name[64];
unsigned int r, g, b, a, t;
a = 255;
t = 0;

sscanf(line, "%64s %u %u %u %u %u", name, &r, &g, &b, &a, &t);
if(strlen(name) == 0)
int items = sscanf(line, "%64s %u %u %u %u %u", name, &r, &g, &b, &a, &t);
if(items < 4) {
std:cerr << "Failed to parse color entry '" << line << "'." << std::endl;

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Nestorfish Oct 8, 2016

Typo: std:cerr instead of std::cerr

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sfan5 Oct 9, 2016

Author Member

Why does this code compile though?

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Nestorfish Oct 9, 2016

"std" is interpreted as a label (for "goto" instruction for example) instead of a namespace for "cerr".
The " using namespace std" directive at the top of this file makes "std::" facultative and allows the code to compile, but could lead to name clashes.


ColorEntry color = ColorEntry(r, g, b, a, t);
m_colorMap[name] = color;

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