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NFSW: A minimalistic command-line application to download videos from PornHub.
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pornhub-dl started as a fun project to learn Go and to demonstrate a few basic capabilities of the Go language. The whole project is inspired by youtube-dl. It was done in about 2 hours with absolutely zero knowledge of Go.


Clone this repository and build it by yourself with go build or download one of the prebuilt assemblies. You can call it via command-line. It supports the following flags:

Flag Default Description
url "empty" URL of the video to download
quality "highest" The quality number (eg. 720) or 'highest'
output "default" Path to where the download should be saved or 'default' for the original filename
threads 10 The amount of simultaneous download streams
socket5 "" Specify socks5 proxy address for downloading resources
debug false Whether you want to activate debug mode or not (not in use)


Contributions of any kind such as refactorings with explanations or adding new features are appreciated.


Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

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