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file: note-nbkparse
Important Note
Edit the configuration line in nbkparse script to make
sure the version in the script matches your linux source
directory name. If it does not match, it will generate
empty command files (see below about command files).
Tree Structure
topdir/linux-3.1.4 -- linux source directory
topdir/objs -- build linux into this directory
topdir/mirror -- will build a mirror of source files
topdir/mirror/srcs -- will put linux source files here in the mirror
topdir/mirror/objs -- will put linux generated files here in the mirror
topdir/mirror/sys -- will put linux system headers here in the mirror
topdir/tools -- where to run this script from
Build Linux
[1] Follow the script change note to modify scripts. So that
the linux build process will leave the dependency files
in the objs directory. By default, all those dependency
files are removed.
[2] Under linux source directory, run
"make O=../objs menuconfig"
Load the minimal config file, then save to ".config".
[3] Under linux source directory, run
"make V=1 O=../objs > log-build"
The build commands will be saved into log-build file.
[4] Under tools directory, run
[4.1] "./nbkparse ../linux-3.1.4/log-build > mircmd"
This command does a few things:
- Parse the build log, select all the gcc command lines
so as to know all the C source files.
- Go through all the dependency files corresponding to the
C source files, to know all the included files.
- Generate a list of commands to hard-link all the C files
and header files from the source and objs directory to
the mirror/srcs and mirror/objs directory. The commands
are saved into "mircmd".
[4.2] "sh mircmd > log-gcc"
This command will run the commands to hard-link C and h files
into mirror directory.
Now, the "mirror" directory contains a subset of kernel files
those are relevant to the specific linux build. And the file
"log-gcc" contains the corresponding modified gcc command lines
those appear to have built the source files under "mirror" directory.
We will use this "log-gcc" to pass information to NetBeans C IDE
so that it can correctly resolve macros in the files in the mirror.
NetBeans Installation
Download NetBeans C/CPP IDE from this link:
I followed the link labeled "zip file format" at
to have downloaded this file:
Also download Jave JRE following the link labeled
"latest Java at". I downloaded the
"linux self extracting file": "jre-6u29-linux-i586.bin".
Install JRE and then unzip NetBeans into a directory.
Run "/path/to/netbeans/bin/netbeans --javahome /jre/path"
to start NetBeans.
NetBeans Project Setup
The NetBeans project structure will like this:
/home/nbkuser/kern/mirror/srcs -- linux src dir
/home/nbkuser/kern/mirror/objs -- linux obj dir
/home/nbkuser/kern/mirror/sys -- linux sys header dir
/home/nbkuser/kern/tools/log-gcc -- the gcc log
/home/nbkuser/nbproj -- the netbeans proj
We will set NetBeans to think it runs the build from
inside .../mirror/objs directory, thus the log-gcc
command line will appear to have used files from
the .../mirror/srcs.
To start with, create a Makefile under .../mirror to
have two empty targets: all and clean.
Steps to create a project in NetBeans:
[1] Start up NetBeans.
[2] Create a new project, choose
"C/C++ Project with Existing Sources".
[3] Select mode to use existing source at ".../mirror".
Select configuration mode "Custom" then "Next".
[4] Build tool to use existing .../mirror/Makefile.
[5] Build action use "mirror/objs" for "Working Directory".
And use "../Makefile" instead of "Makefile".
[6] Source files use ".../mirror" directory.
[7] Code assistance use "manual configuration", and remove
the default include directory ".../mirror".
[8] Project name and location use "~/nbproj" as project location.
Once click "Finish", NetBeans will try to parse and analyze the project.
Wait till it finishes. Then re-configure code assistance to use
the log-gcc file.
If we open a C file now, we will see many symbol resolution erros.
After re-configuring it using the log-gcc, all those errors should
be resolved.
Since we created Makefile with empty all and clean targets, the
log-gcc file will not be erased (I guess).
Steps to configure code assistance using log-gcc:
[1] Right click the project node in projects pane.
Choose "Code Assistance" - "Configure Code Assistance".
[2] Select Advanced Mode.
[3] Use .../mirror as source file root folder.
Select analyzer: Explore Make Log File.
[4] Select make log file: point to .../tools/log-gcc.
[5] Configuration Level: Configure File Properties.
[6] Once clicked "Next", the "Configurateion" box should
quickly shows a tree of "C (555 files)" for the
min config build. If it takes a long time to show
how many C files (spinning a long time), it may be
that some the gcc lines in log-gcc is not recognized
by NetBeans. You need to figure which line and which
option causes the problem and fix it in the parsing
[7] Click "Finish", NetBeans will re-parse the project.
When it finishes, all the unresolved errors should
disappear. And the "Code Assistance" - "Failed #include/#error
Directives" shall be greyed out.