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📮 Simple command line tool for redis data migration (minimal functionality)
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Redis Migrate

Python Version Redis Version

Simple command line tool for redis data migration (minimal functionality)

It is useful when you're not able to use slaveof command (e.g. slaveof command is not available in ElastiCache) or should migrate from multiple redis servers to a single server.

It works only for redis >= 2.8


pip install redis-migrate


# Basic usage
redis-migrate srchost[:port][/db] dsthost[:port][/db] [--all-keys=false] [--nprocs=1]

# Migrate the keys from db 0 of source host to db 1 of destination host.
redis-migrate srchost dsthost/1

# If you don't want to replace existing keys, use `--no-replace` option.
redis-migrate srchost dsthost/1 --no-replace

# Migrate the entire keys from source host at 6380 port to destination host.
# It will ignore `/db` number.
redis-migrate srchost:6380 dsthost --all-keys

# You can also set process number to use multiprocessing for speed up.
# It works only with `--all-keys`.
redis-migrate srchost dsthost --all-keys --nprocs 4


  • Support redis auth
  • Support key patterns option



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