🍡 Visualize the process of sorting algorithms simply
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travis License: MIT

Visualize the process of sorting algorithms simply

Now it shows just each completed steps, so I'll support the code tracing for visualizing the every steps including swapping later.



  1. Clone this repository to your machine
  2. Just python3 sorting.py

Usage commands

There are very few commands.

  • create < length of list > : Create list with given length.
  • mergesort : Sort the list using mergesort algorithm.
  • heapsort : Sort the list using heapsort algorithm.

Supported Sorting Algorithms

  • MergeSort
  • HeapSort
  • QuickSort (not implementd yet)
  • BubbleSort (not implementd yet)
  • InsertionSort (not implementd yet)
  • SelectionSort (not implementd yet)


Welcome any contributions of new sorting algorithms

You should just follow the PEP8!