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MacOSX (Chinese-English) Language Tools to assist learners
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This repository is an easy access point for storing MacOSX language tools. I share these tools because they make life easier for other people seeking to learn a foreign language. In particular the tools are useful if one is learning Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese.

Setup Guide

I provide a setup guide with detailed steps that show how to configure these tools on Mac OSX 10.9.3. I believe the setup remains the same on 10.8-10.9+ but there is no guarantee and because of my schedule I cannot actively support updating the guide. If you find something useful please post it and I will update periodically or simply fork the files and update as needed.

How to Use

Using these tools one is able to select Chinese text and hear Beijing Mandarin by typing Control-Z, Taiwanese Mandarin - Control-X, or Cantonese (Control-C). Other functionality includes converting Chinese Text to pinyin and seeing a Quick Lookup of Pinyin for the selected text.


All of the content in this space is owned by respective copyright holders (see individual files). I include an arbitrary definition command (rdef) that I created under the MIT license, which means you are free to use it but I do not warrant its suitability for your purpose. See the LICENSE file for specifics before attempting to install anything on your machine (because you must proceed at your own risk).

[Video Demo Using MCE Language Tools] (

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