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How to use your own domain for github page?

View my tutorials video here!

How to use this template?

You can fork this project to your own project.
Ex: fork and rename this repository to "yourname", you'll get the following address:
Or clone it to your local (by using gitGUI or from cmd line), modify something and push from local to your account.

How to change my title and something else?

Go to _config.yml file and change to what you want, you can add some social account to your profile view.

How to create new posts ?

create new file in _posts folder, the name of the file should be begin with "yyyy-mm-dd" and separated by "-" (dash) and end with ".md" (markdown format). Ex: ""
In the beginning of the content, copy and paste following:

layout: post
description: "abcd"
modified: 2014-12-23
tags: [abc, def]

change your title, tag, modified date time...

How to post code?


{% highlight css %}
{% endhighlight %}

you can change "css" to some other languages such as cpp, java, html...

How to add or change menu on the left side?

Go to _includes/navigation.html

How to change color or anything else in the fixed navigation bar at the top?

Go to _includes/head.html

How about the background color?

Go to _sass/_page.scss

You have some problems and need more information? View my contact details below:

Name: Nguyen Minh Huy (David Ng)
Languages: Vietnamese, American English

My profiles/other page:

Twitter G+ DNH Facebook LinkedIn

Facebook Update: