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Bootstrap Toggle

Bootstrap Toggle is a highly flexible Bootstrap plugin that converts checkboxes into toggles.

Visit for demos.

Getting Started


You can download the latest version of Bootstrap Toggle or use CDN to load the library.

Warning If you are using Bootstrap v2.3.2, use bootstrap2-toggle.min.js and bootstrap2-toggle.min.css instead.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>

Bower Install

bower install bootstrap-toggle


Basic example

Simply add data-toggle="toggle" to convert checkboxes into toggles.

<input type="checkbox" checked data-toggle="toggle">

Stacked checkboxes

Refer to Bootstrap Form Controls documentation to create stacked checkboxes. Simply add data-toggle="toggle" to convert checkboxes into toggles.

<div class="checkbox">
    <input type="checkbox" data-toggle="toggle">
    Option one is enabled
<div class="checkbox disabled">
    <input type="checkbox" disabled data-toggle="toggle">
    Option two is disabled

Inline Checkboxes

Refer to Bootstrap Form Controls documentation to create inline checkboxes. Simply add data-toggle="toggle" to a convert checkboxes into toggles.

<label class="checkbox-inline">
  <input type="checkbox" checked data-toggle="toggle"> First
<label class="checkbox-inline">
  <input type="checkbox" data-toggle="toggle"> Second
<label class="checkbox-inline">
  <input type="checkbox" data-toggle="toggle"> Third


Initialize by JavaScript

Initialize toggles with id toggle-one with a single line of JavaScript.

<input id="toggle-one" checked type="checkbox">
  $(function() {


Options can be passed via data attributes or JavaScript. For data attributes, append the option name to data-, as in data-on="Enabled".

<input type="checkbox" data-toggle="toggle" data-on="Enabled" data-off="Disabled">
<input type="checkbox" id="toggle-two">
  $(function() {
      on: 'Enabled',
      off: 'Disabled'
Name Type Default Description
on string/html "On" Text of the on toggle
off string/html "Off" Text of the off toggle
size string "normal" Size of the toggle. Possible values are large, normal, small, mini.
onstyle string "primary" Style of the on toggle. Possible values are default, primary, success, info, warning, danger
offstyle string "default" Style of the off toggle. Possible values are default, primary, success, info, warning, danger
style string Appends the value to the class attribute of the toggle. This can be used to apply custom styles. Refer to Custom Styles for reference.
width integer null Sets the width of the toggle. if set to null, width will be calculated.
height integer null Sets the height of the toggle. if set to null, height will be calculated.


Methods can be used to control toggles directly.

<input id="toggle-demo" type="checkbox" data-toggle="toggle">
Method Example Description
initialize $('#toggle-demo').bootstrapToggle() Initializes the toggle plugin with options
destroy $('#toggle-demo').bootstrapToggle('destroy') Destroys the toggle
on $('#toggle-demo').bootstrapToggle('on') Sets the toggle to 'On' state
off $('#toggle-demo').bootstrapToggle('off') Sets the toggle to 'Off' state
toggle $('#toggle-demo').bootstrapToggle('toggle') Toggles the state of the toggle
enable $('#toggle-demo').bootstrapToggle('enable') Enables the toggle
disable $('#toggle-demo').bootstrapToggle('disable') Disables the toggle


Event Propagation

Note All events are propagated to and from input element to the toggle.

You should listen to events from the <input type="checkbox"> directly rather than look for custom events.

<input id="toggle-event" type="checkbox" data-toggle="toggle">
<div id="console-event"></div>
  $(function() {
    $('#toggle-event').change(function() {
      $('#console-event').html('Toggle: ' + $(this).prop('checked'))

API vs Input

This also means that using the API or Input to trigger events will work both ways.

<input id="toggle-trigger" type="checkbox" data-toggle="toggle">
<button class="btn btn-success" onclick="toggleOn()">On by API</button>
<button class="btn btn-danger" onclick="toggleOff()">Off by API</button>
<button class="btn btn-success" onclick="toggleOnByInput()">On by Input</button>
<button class="btn btn-danger" onclick="toggleOffByInput()">Off by Input</button>
  function toggleOn() {
  function toggleOff() {
  function toggleOnByInput() {
    $('#toggle-trigger').prop('checked', true).change()
  function toggleOffByInput() {
    $('#toggle-trigger').prop('checked', false).change()



A binding for knockout is available here: aAXEe/knockout-bootstrap-toggle


Visit for demos.