Gradle plugin for the Mali Texture Compression Tool
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Gradle plugin for the Mali Texture Compression Tool

How to use

First, download and install the Mali Texture Compression Tool from the official website.

Note the path to the /bin directory once installed.

Next, add the following buildscript configuration to the top of your build.gradle

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'org.mini2Dx', name: 'mali', version: '1.0.0'

Then add the plugin configuration to your project and set the folders/paths as appropriate.

project(":projectName") {
   apply plugin: "org.mini2Dx.mali"

   mali {
      inputPaths = ["../preprocess/backgrounds"]
      outputPaths = ["../assets/backgrounds"]
      maliBinFolderPath = "/path/to/mali/bin/directory/"
      etc {
         enabled = true
         ktx = true
         mipmaps = true

The plugin will add the following tasks to your project.

Task Description
compressTextures Compresses textures using Mali per the configuration

Advanced Configuration

The following example shows all options in use.

project(":projectName") {
   apply plugin: "org.mini2Dx.mali"

   mali {
      inputPaths = ["../preprocess/backgrounds"]
      outputPaths = ["../assets/backgrounds"]
      //Specify paths for different platforms for cross-platform builds
      maliWindowsBinFolderPath = "C:\\path\\to\\windows\\mali\\bin\\directory"
      maliMacBinFolderPath = "/path/to/mac/mali/bin/directory/"
      maliLinuxBinFolderPath = "/path/to/linux/mali/bin/directory/"
      etc {
         //Enable/disable ETC compression
         enabled = false
         //Set to false for slower more thorough optimal quality search
         fastCompression = true
         //Set to false to use non-perceptual (highest PSNR)
         perceptual = true
         //Set to true to use ETC2 compression.
         //ETC1 is most compatible, ETC2 has highest quality.
         etc2 = false
         //The compressed format.
         //Can be- R, R_signed, RG, RG_signed, RGB, RGBA1, RGBA8 or RGBA.
         //Defaults to RGB.
         format = "RGB"
         //Set to true to enable mipmaps
         mipmaps = false
         //Set to true to ouput KTX format instead of PKM
         ktx = false
         //Set to true for verbose output
         verbose = false
         //Set to true to output progress
         progress = false
      astc {
         //Enable/disable ASTC compression
         enabled = false
         //Set the speed/quality tradeoff.
         //Can be veryfast, fast, medium, thorough or exhaustive.
         //Defaults to medium.
         compressionSpeed = "medium"
         //Sets the bits per texel
         bitsPerTexel = "8.0"
         //Set to true to treat textures as RGBA
         alphablend = false
         //Set to true to treat textures as HDR
         hdr = false