A high-level cross-platform 2D game development API
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A high-level game development API for LibGDX inspired by Slick


The main objective of mini2Dx is to provide a beginner-friendly, master-ready framework for rapidly prototyping and building 2D games in Java.

What's New

10th June 2018

This is repository will be focused on development of the next generation of mini2Dx - 2.0. For 1.x development, see the mini2Dx Vintage Edition repository. 1.x will receive bug fixes and optimisations during 2.0 development. Once 2.0 is released, 1.x will be 100% community-driven.


The project is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.

Assets used for UATs are licensed under Creative Commons (Kenney.nl, Alexander Ehlers, Juan Rodriguez)

However, some classes are based on LibGDX's code and are licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 per LibGDX's license. Such classes are placed under com.badlogic.gdx packages.


See the Contributing Page