Updating mini2Dx

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Step 1: Check the latest mini2Dx version and dependencies

The RELEASE file in the repository contains information on each version of mini2Dx and the corrosponding versions of its dependencies.

## Step 2: Update your build.gradle

Next, edit your build.gradle with the correct versions. Example:

	mini2DxVersion = '1.3.0'
	minibusVersion = '1.1.0'
        gdxVersion = '1.9.4'
        roboVMVersion = '2.2.0'

## Step 3: Refresh the dependencies in your IDE


Select all your projects in the package explorer, right click, then click Gradle -> Refresh All. This will download the mini2Dx version you specified in build.gradle and wire up the JAR files with your projects correctly.

Intellij IDEA

IntelliJ will usually detect that your build.gradle has been updated and show a refresh button. Just click it and IDEA will update mini2Dx to the version you specified in build.gradle. Go into the gradle tasks panel/tool view and click the refresh button. Running a task like 'builddependents' also tends to do this.

Command Line

Invoking any of the tasks will usually check for changes in dependency versions and redownload anything that changed.