miniOrange provides ASP.NET Connector which create SAML v2.0 Signle Sign On SP Initiated ASP.NET Web Application.
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miniOrange SAML 2.0 ASP.Net Connector

The miniOrange Authentication modules add SAML v2.0 support to ASP.NET and IIS web sites, allowing the web site to act as a SAML v2.0 Service Provider (SP). The connector acts as a SAML Service Provider which can be configured to establish the trust between the connector and a SAML capable Identity Providers to securely authenticate the user to the ASP.NET application. Now you can securely SSO to your ASP.NET application using credentials of identity provider like ADFS, Google Apps, Salesforce, Bitium, Centrify, OneLogin, PingFederate, Oracle and many more.For Configuring your connector with application go through the given guide Guide Saml ASP.Net Connector.

Note: If you don’t find your IDP listed here, please contact us at or call us at +1 978 658 9387 and we can make changes to support your request.


• To work with ASP.Net Connector, you need ASP.Net Application.
• Deploy your ASP.Net application as you deployed connector.
• All code related changes should be done before copying the application and connector in the IIS Manager.

Key Features

• Supports SAML 2.0
• .NET Technology
• Unlimited Authentications Supported
• Customized Attribute Mapping
• Auto-Redirect to IdP
• Shortcode to add IDP Login Link on your site
• Step-By-Step Guide to Setup your IdP
• SAML Single Logout**
• Support for sites behind reverse-proxy
• Protect your complete site
• Options to select SAML Request binding type
• End to End Single Sign-On Setup with IdP

miniOrange SAML 2.0 ASP.Net Connector offers the following unique features for SAML 2.0:

• Hassle-free way to create, modify, encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify, and serialize SAML assertions
• Easily create, modify, sign, verify, and serialize SAML protocol messages
• Fully supports SAML 2.0 Bindings: HTTP POST and HTTP Redirect
• Web browser single sign-on - SAML 2.0 Service Provider initiated
• Name identifier management and mapping

** This feature could be upgraded upon customer request.

What's Included

• Fully featured SAML v2.0 component for .NET 4.0 and 4.5+ (Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017)
• Example project with complete source code
• Comprehensive documentation for configuration with IdP and instructions for deployment on IIS Manager