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We can agree in that, currently Mailchimp is the best email-marketing provider out there. We strongly recommend Mailchimp to our customers so it was time to us to make a module to manage subscribers and forms easily.

This free simple module was developed to our customers. There are lots of modules which can be bought, and knows lots of great features but those features are unnecessary and pay for them is just waste of money.

We decided to share this simple module with the community, so who want to use email-marketing (everybody should!) and Mailchimp, those can use this free module to manage subscribers easily.


  • you can import customers into Mailchimp
  • you can place a newsletter subscriber form on your site (many and multiple hooks are supported!)

###Installation As usual! Upload the downloaded .zip via Prestashop backend or the unzipped content to your modules directory. Than go to the Advertising & Marketing tab on the modules configuration page and install it.

###Download You also can download from the official Prestashop forum or from our blog.

###Changelog v1.0.2 - 10.07.2013

  • fixed default Mailchimp button height
  • changed form instruction according to the new Mailchimp design


  • release