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Background Job (cronjob)

The cronjob is a background task to update your feeds automatically.

Command line usage

Technically, you just need to be inside the directory miniflux and run the script cronjob.php.

Parameters Type Value
--limit optional number of feeds
--call-interval optional, excluded by --limit, require --update-interval time in minutes < update interval time
--update-interval optional, excluded by --limit, require --call-interval time in minutes >= call interval time


crontab -e

# Update all feeds every 4 hours
0 */4 * * *  cd /path/to/miniflux && php cronjob.php >/dev/null 2>&1

# Update the 10 oldest feeds each time
0 */4 * * *  cd /path/to/miniflux && php cronjob.php --limit=10 >/dev/null 2>&1

# Update all feeds in 60 minutes (updates the 8 oldest feeds each time with a total of 120 feeds).
* */4 * * *  cd /path/to/miniflux && php cronjob.php --call-interval=4 --update-interval=60 >/dev/null 2>&1

Web usage

The cronjob script can also be called from the web, in this case specify the options as GET variables.

Example: http://yourpersonalserver/miniflux/cronjob.php?call-interval=4&update-interval=60&token=XXX

  • The cronjob URL is visible on the page preferences > about.
  • The access is protected by a private token.
  • You can disable the web cronjob by changing the config parameter ENABLE_CRONJOB_HTTP_ACCESS to false.