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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Miniflux supports other databases than Sqlite?

Yes, Sqlite and Postgres are supported since the version 1.2.0.

How does Miniflux update my feeds from the user interface?

Miniflux uses an Ajax request to refresh each subscription. By default, there is only 5 feeds updated in parallel.

I have 600 subscriptions, can Miniflux handle that?

Probably, but your life is too cluttered.

Why is feature X missing?

Miniflux is a minimalist software. Less is more.

I found a bug, what next?

Report the bug to the issues tracker.

You can report feeds that doesn't works properly too.

What browser is compatible with Miniflux?

Miniflux is tested with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

I want to send bookmarks to Pinboard. How do I find my Pinboard API token?

You can find your API token by going to

The Pinboard token should be formatted like that: bobsmith:12FC235692DF53DD1.