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How to create a theme for Miniflux?

It's very easy to write a custom theme for Miniflux.

A theme is just a CSS file, images and fonts. A theme doesn't change the behaviour of the application but only the page layout.

The first step is to create a new directory structure for your theme:

mkdir -p themes/mysuperskin/{css,img,fonts}

The name of your theme should be only alphanumeric.

There is the following directories inside your theme:

  • css: Your stylesheet, the file must be named app.css (required)
  • img: Theme images (not required)
  • fonts: Theme fonts (not required)

Miniflux use responsive design, so it's better if your theme can handle mobile devices.

List of themes

Since the version 1.1.7, themes are not anymore distributed in the default installation.

You can download them from the official Miniflux repositories:

PS: Those themes are maintained and tested by their respective authors.