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Miniflux Version 1.2.1

@fguillot fguillot released this Oct 7, 2017 · 89 commits to master since this release

New Features:

  • Mysql support
  • Offer the possibility to define different URL for themes folder


  • Improve Xpath query for favicons
  • Handle the fact that a user can be removed but have feeds in queue (worker)
  • Do not download items each time for feeds with content scraper enabled
  • Background jobs are not loading user settings properly
  • Allow producer to be executed only for a given user
  • Always use real URL instead XML feed URL
  • Move autoflush calls
  • Display list of groups for each subscription
  • Disable automatically duplicated feeds
  • Increase url field size for Postgres
  • Left swiping also mark item as read on mobile
  • Make import script compatible with Postgresql
  • Allow different limits for users in cronjob
  • Update to PicoFeed v0.1.31
  • Update Czech translations
  • Update zh_CN translations
  • Update ru_RU translations

Bug fixes:

  • Marking special group "Unread" as read through Fever API does not work