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Our aim is to produce well structured, modular and maintainable JavaFx applications. At the same time we are not big fans of re-inventing the weel and overdesigned frameworks which tend to restrict the user rather then assisting her/him; we prefer non-invasive and lightweight approaches which complement each other and reuse the power of existing components, while not restricing the user in any way as soon as things get a bit more 'advanced'. Simple things shall be easy, more complicated ones possible.

MiniFx is a set of libraries which resulted from these considerations. These libraries are maintained within the minifx organization on github.

Currently, MiniFx consists of the following projects:

library purpose
minifx-fxml simplifies loading of fxml files and their controllers using naming conventions
minifx-workbench organizes JavaFx applications in a workbench like manner within spring contexts

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

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