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Voice Controlled Drum Machine (LXR Digital DRUM SYNTH)

Voice (Siri) Controlled Drum Machine

  1. You need to have node and npm on your machine.
  2. Install homebridge.
  3. Clone this repo git clone https://github.com/minikin/VoiceControlledDrumMachine.git
  4. Switch to dir VoiceControlledDrumMachine and open project with your favorite text editor i.e. atom .
  5. Switch to folder (in terminal emulator) midi-clock and run npm i
  6. Connect your usb to midi device or an interface to a computer
  7. Open new tab in terminal and run system_profiler SPUSBDataType
  8. Find your device. In my case Sonic Potions USB MIDI You should see something like this: midi-clock
  9. Switch to text editor, in folder midi-clock open index.js replace on line #56 name of midi device Sonic Potions USB MIDI with your .
  10. Switch to terminal (folder midi-clock) run npm start. Set your BPM and keep this tab open and process running! Midi clock
  11. Switch to text editor, in folder homebridge-lxr run npm i
  12. In text editor find file machineConfig.json
  13. Modify it for your settings and save.
  14. Open new terminal tab and run cd /Users/YourUserName/.homebridge-dev/
  15. Create empty config.json file at this folder.
  16. And copy your settings from machineConfig.json config.json
  17. Open new terminal tab
  18. Navigate to a root project path /VoiceControlledDrumMachine to folder /homebridge
  19. Run DEBUG=* ./bin/homebridge -D -U ~/.homebridge-dev -P ../homebridge-lxr/
  20. If everything is fine you should see something like this: config.json
  21. Take your iOS device. Locate and open Home app.

Home app 19. Press Add Accessory button. You might be asked to turn on Bluetooth.

Add Accessory

  1. In case everything is works fine you should see screen with you device

Homebridge midi

  1. Select your device. I'll see notification from Apple. Press Add anyway.

Add anyway

  1. Then you need manually enter code (check your terminal)
  2. After that you'll see a few other screens. The meaning of them is self-explanatory.

Add anyway Add anyway

Type should be a Switch

  1. You finally successfully added your device to Home app!


  1. Now just ask Siri : Siri turn on drum machine, please 😍


Send me a message @minikin in case you have any questions.