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##What is PeARS?

PeARS (Peer-to-peer Agent for Reciprocated Search) is a lightweight, distributed search engine. It relies on people going about their normal business and browsing the web. While they do so, the pages they visit are indexed in the background, and assigned a ‘meaning’ (is this page about cats, fashion, ancient history, Python programming?, etc). From time to time, they can choose to share some or all of these meanings with others, providing the building stones of a giant search engine network, distributed across people. By linking page meanings with real people doing real browsing, PeARS ensures that the nodes in the network are topically coherent: an individual interested in architecture will probably have indexed a lot of web pages on associated topics, providing a potentially relevant cluster for someone with a query on, say, the German ‘Bauhaus’ movement.

To know more head over to:

##Set up

This is mostly a development setup since we not really production ready yet. You can find a demo of PeARS running over here:

###Clone this repo

git clone -b development

cd PeARS

###Set up the development environment

  1. Set up virtualenv

    We recommend using virtualenv for the development. If you are just here for test it out, skip to the next section.

    Install pip using easy_install

    sudo easy_install pip

    or some other way your distribution supports like:

    sudo yum install python-pip

    Install virtualenv using pip

    sudo pip install virtualenv

    Create a new virtualenv for PeARS and activate it

    virtualenv pears_env && source pears_env/bin/activate

  2. Install the build dependencies

    We recommend using pip for installation. In case you don't have this, look inside requirements.txt and install dependencies manually.

    pip install -r requirements.txt

    Run the following in case you are having any issues while running

    python -m textblob.download_corpora lite

  3. Get the semantic space

    In the root directory of the repo, run



    python uncompress_db wikiwoods.dump.bz2

###Running the PeARS search engine

In the root directory of the repo, run


Go to the browser and type localhost:5000. You should find PeARS running there.

####That's it, folks!

Please report to us any issues that you face.

###More links:

Code Overview