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c5c9071 Dec 14, 2016
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import csv
import itertools
import json
input_path = "/Users/maxwoolf/Downloads" \
"/HIBP Consolidated and Anonymised Data" \
"/HIBP Consolidated and Anonymised Data.txt"
# service_dict is a dictionary with a string key.
service_dict = {}
# edge_dict is a dictionary with tuple keys.
edge_dict = {}
with open(input_path, 'rb') as f:
for entry in f:
services = entry.split(' ')[0].split(';')
count = int(entry.split(' ')[1].rstrip())
services.sort() # Ensure edges are in correct order
for service in services:
if service in service_dict:
service_dict[service] += count
service_dict[service] = count
if len(services) > 1:
# edges is a list of tuples
edges = list(itertools.combinations(services, 2))
for edge in edges:
if edge in edge_dict:
edge_dict[edge] += count
edge_dict[edge] = count
# output should be close to public numbers:
with open('hibp_services.csv', 'wb') as file:
writer = csv.writer(file)
writer.writerow(["Service", "Total"])
for key, value in service_dict.iteritems():
writer.writerow([key, value])
with open('hibp_edges.csv', 'wb') as file:
writer = csv.writer(file)
writer.writerow(["Source", "Target", "Weight"])
for key, value in edge_dict.iteritems():
writer.writerow([key[0], key[1], value])