Minimalist Win/OSX/Linux System Dashboard using Flask and Freeboard
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Cross-Platform System Dashboard

This repository is a Minimalist Win/OSX/Linux System Dashboard for Python 2/3 using Flask and Freeboard. This tool was created extremely quickly (less than a couple hours) as a "Hello World" test for both technologies, with impressive and practical results for the amount of time invested.

The cross-platform system information is derived from the psutil Python package, which is exposed by a minimal Flask API and retrieved by Freeboard. This data includes:

  • CPU %
  • RAM %
  • Disk Read/Write
  • Bytes Sent/Received
  • RAM Used/Total
  • Disk Used/Total

This dashboard is especially useful if placed on a secondary screen, such as another monitor, or a connected iPad running the Duet app.


To install the Python dependencies, run:

pip install psutil flask flask_cors

Download/Clone this repository, then open a Terminal/Command Prompt and cd into the folder containing the files. To start the Flask server, run:


After the server starts running, open up a Freeboard window by opening system_dashboard.html in any browser (Chrome recommended), choose Load Freeboard, and select the system_daskboard_flask.json config file. Done!


Max Woolf (@minimaxir)


Flask JSONDash by Chris Tabor which gave me the silly idea to work on a local dashboard, and noted the CORS requirement for Flask.



The included Freeboard code is redistributed per its MIT License.