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This repo will contain a few sound-generating/processing schematics/code for Wonkystuff hardware :)


basic is an ATTiny85-based tone generator, put together just to get acquainted with the basic techniqies of getting an 8MHz, 8-pin microcontroller to make noises. As it stands, it's a two-oscillator tone generator which supports audio-rate FM/PM of each oscillator, so it could be useful as a building block for something.


adc is another ATTiny85-based tone generator (same schematic as for basic), put together to learn a bit more about this little device. adc is another two-oscillator tone generator but with the ADCs running at their full resolution of 10 bits, slower than the sample-generating ISR runs. This was where I discovered that my imagined sample rate was not accurate (audio ISR was starving the ADC ISR), so I have reduced the sample rate. At the moment, this version also allows wavetable switching for oscillator 1 (sine/ramp). More waveforms will be forthcoming.


single is a development of adc, concentrating on getting a few more features/quality into a single oscillator:

  • multiple selectable waveshapes;
  • higher sample rate (at least double that of adc since we don’t need to toggle between two oscillators;
  • … plus some other stuff :)