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basic is a simple two-oscillator device with independent pitch control for each sine-wave oscillator. The frequency input control is sampled at the same rate as the oscillator, so audio-rate FM/PM is possible.

It is pretty much an exercise for me to get to grips with the ATTiny85.

The files in this directory go toward making the tone generator:

  • calc.rb is a code-generator which generates calc.h and calc.ino, containing definitions for sample rate, pitch-lookup table and audio-wavetable. Simply run ruby calc.rb and the calc.h and calc.ino files will be regenerated.

    This makes it relatively simple to update the audio wavetable, or number of pitches per octave, or the sampling rate etc.

  • basic.ino is the main code - responsible for outputting the audio and reading the controls as you might expect. The code is going to be pretty much like most of the code out on the internet already, so nothing particularly new here.

    Code is straight-line, which makes it pretty efficient. Frequency control is to a sub-10-cent resolution (128 steps in an octave), and 8 octaves should be supported. Code could probably perform some filtering to reduce aliasing, but it doesn't.

    Simple RC reconstruction filters on the PWM outputs seem to do the job.

This has now proved it's worth to me as a testbed, so will probably not be undergoing any more changes for a while. Now I've got the basics sorted, I'll move onto making some more interesting sounds I hope…

Oscillator 1

Output through pin 5; pitch control via pin 2.

Oscillator 2

Output through pin 6; pitch control via pin 7.