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Welcome to Minimods!

«A Minimod is a single-file distribution of a specific reusable C# code fragment.»

and, at this github site, a collection of some Minimods from the authors.

Current Minimods

Find all currently published Minimods on Nuget Gallery:

Our Intention

We love being productive. And there are tons of generic problems that we solve far too often; well, or we copy-paste them. Sometimes we package them into *.Common or *.Utils, and put them in our toolbox. But theese are a nightmare; read: 1 2

Minmods are a pragmatic way somewhere between copy-paste and real libraries.


A Minimod must

  • must consist of one file,
  • be single-purpose,
  • be in it’s own namespace,
  • expose dependies to frameworks outside .NET BCL or other Minimods in its name,
  • be separately versioned.

We suggest to release Minimods under the Terms of the Apache License 2.0.


FlattenerMinimod is good, LinqExtensions (containing arbitrary code, among them a 'IEnumerable.Flatten(...)' ist bad

more to come...

__ original blog post introducing Minimods: