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" Use Vim settings, rather then Vi settings (much better!).
" This must be first, because it changes other options as a side effect.
set nocompatible
" When started as "evim", evim.vim will already have done these settings.
if v:progname =~? "evim"
execute pathogen#infect()
" Enable built-in matchit plugin
runtime macros/matchit.vim
let mapleader = ","
map <leader>nt :execute 'NERDTreeToggle ' . getcwd()<CR>
map <leader>nd :NERDTree %<CR>
map <leader>ns :setlocal nospell<CR>
map <leader>ss :setlocal spell<CR>
map <leader>nl :set invnumber<CR>
map <Leader>fc :call OpenFactoryFile()<CR>
map <leader>f :CommandT<CR>
map <leader>em <C-y>, " Emmit.vim modes
map <Leader>vi :tabe ~/.vimrc<CR>
map <Leader>sp :set paste<CR>
map <Leader>np :set nopaste<CR>
map <Leader>vr :rightbelow vnew
map <Leader>sr :rightbelow vnew ~/.vim/bundle/vim-snippets/snippets/ruby.snippets<CR>
map <Leader>sj :rightbelow vnew ~/.vim/bundle/vim-snippets/snippets/javascript.snippets<CR>
map <Leader>sc :rightbelow vnew ~/.vim/bundle/vim-snippets/snippets/coffee.snippets<CR>
map <Leader>ser :rightbelow vnew ~/.vim/bundle/vim-snippets/snippets/eruby.snippets<CR>
map <Leader>wd :set textwidth=78<CR>
map <Leader>ww ggVG<CR> " Visual block the whole page
map <Leader>wv ggVGgq<CR> " Format entire page with textwidth=78
map <Leader>cp :w<cr>:call CopyToOSClipboard()<CR>
map <Leader>rg :reg<CR>
map <Leader>wq Vapgq<CR>
map <Leader>el :w<cr>:call RunCurrentExpressTest()<CR>
map <Leader>dt :w<cr>:call RunCurrentTest('!ts spec/dummy/bin/rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>dl :w<cr>:call RunCurrentLineInTest('!ts spec/dummy/bin/rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>st :w<cr>:call RunCurrentTest('!ts bin/rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>sl :w<cr>:call RunCurrentLineInTest('!ts bin/rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>rt :w<cr>:call RunCurrentTest('!ts be rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>rl :w<cr>:call RunCurrentLineInTest('!ts be rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>zr :w<cr>:call RunCurrentTest('!ts zeus rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>zl :w<cr>:call RunCurrentLineInTest('!ts zeus rspec')<CR>
map <Leader>rn :call RenameFile()<cr>
" Paste from clipboard
map <Leader>pp :set paste<CR>o<esc>"*]p:set nopaste<cr>
" Edit another file in the same directory as the current file
" uses expression to extract path from current file's path
map <Leader>ee :e <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . '/'<CR>
map <Leader>se :split <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . '/'<CR>
map <Leader>ve :vnew <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . '/'<CR>
" DirDiff settings
let g:DirDiffExcludes = "system,CVS,*.class,*.exe,.*.swp"
let g:DirDiffIgnore = 'Id:,Revision:,Date:,File:,\\\$Id'
let g:DirDiffAddArgs = "-w"
" Catch the transition to diff mode
au FilterWritePre * if &diff | exe 'noremap <space> ]cz.' | exe 'noremap <S-space> [cz.' | endif
au FilterWritePre * if &diff | exe 'noremap <leader>dg :diffget<CR>' | exe 'noremap <leader>dp :diffput<CR>' | endif
au FilterWritePre * if &diff | exe 'nmap <leader>du :wincmd l<CR>:normal u<CR>:wincmd h<CR>' | endif
au FilterWritePre * if &diff | exe 'set diffopt=filler,context:1000,iwhite' | exe 'execute "normal \<c-w>\<c-w>"' | endif
set ssop-=options " do not store global and local values in a session"
set diffexpr=MyDiff()
function! MyDiff()
let opt = ""
if &diffopt =~ "icase"
let opt = opt . "-i "
if &diffopt =~ "iwhite"
let opt = opt . "--ignore-all-space "
silent execute "!diff -a --binary " . opt . v:fname_in . " " . v:fname_new .
\ " > " . v:fname_out
" End DirDiff settings
" Indenting options
set comments +=fb:*,fb:[-],fb:[+],fb:>>,fb:[1],fb:[2],fb:[3],fb:[4],fb:[5],fb:[6],n::
set fo +=n2
" allow backspacing over everything in insert mode
set backspace=indent,eol,start
set noswapfile
set nobackup " do not keep a backup file, use versions instead
set history=500 " keep 500 lines of command line history
set ruler " show the cursor position all the time
set showcmd " display incomplete commands
set incsearch " do incremental searching
set complete+=kspell
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set softtabstop=2
set expandtab
set autoindent
set winheight=999 " new window always opens fully expanded
set ignorecase
set smartcase "overrides ignorecase if uppercase used
" set nohlsearch
set hlsearch
syntax on
set autoread
set number
set scrolljump=5
set scrolloff=3
set nofoldenable " Say no to code folding...
let $BASH_ENV = "~/.bash_profile"
map <C-h> :nohl<cr>
map <C-s> <esc>:w<CR>
imap <C-s> <esc>:w<CR>
" Make 'Y' consistent with 'C' & 'D'
nnoremap Y y$
" ----- Window & Tab movement -----
" Switch/toggle between split windows
map <leader>w <c-w>w
" Go to left vertical split
map <leader>h <c-w>h<c-w><cr>
" Go to right vertical split
map <leader>l <c-w>l<c-w><cr>
" Map up and down to horizontal split
map <S-j> <C-W>j<C-W>_
map <S-k> <C-W>k<C-W>_
" remap the tab movement
map <S-l> gt
map <S-h> gT
" For Win32 Ctrl-y gets remapped to Ctrl-r (redo) Don't want that -- need to edit mswin.vim
set wmh=0 " split don't have that xtra line
" ---- Toggle between the last two active tabs
let g:lasttab = 1
nmap <Leader>t :exe "tabn ".g:lasttab<CR>
au TabLeave * let g:lasttab = tabpagenr()
" ---- Show tab number on the tabline
if exists("+showtabline")
function! MyTabLine()
let s = ''
let t = tabpagenr()
let i = 1
while i <= tabpagenr('$')
let buflist = tabpagebuflist(i)
let winnr = tabpagewinnr(i)
let s .= '%' . i . 'T'
let s .= (i == t ? '%1*' : '%2*')
let s .= ' '
let s .= i . ')'
"let s .= winnr . '/' . tabpagewinnr(i,'$')
let s .= ' %*'
let s .= (i == t ? '%#TabLineSel#' : '%#TabLine#')
let file = bufname(buflist[winnr - 1])
let file = fnamemodify(file, ':p:t')
if file == ''
let file = '[No Name]'
let s .= file
let i = i + 1
let s .= '%T%#TabLineFill#%='
let s .= (tabpagenr('$') > 1 ? '%999XX' : 'X')
return s
set stal=2
set tabline=%!MyTabLine()
map Q gq
" Test-running stuff
function! Relpath(filename)
let cwd = getcwd()
let s = substitute(a:filename, l:cwd . "/" , "", "")
return s
function! RunCurrentExpressTest()
let ln = line(".")
exec '!ts ./bin/run ' . Relpath(expand("%:p")) . ':' . ln
function! RunCurrentTest(rspec_type)
let in_test_file = match(expand("%"), '\(.feature\|_spec.rb\|_test.rb\)$') != -1
if in_test_file
call SetTestFile()
if match(expand('%'), '\.feature$') != -1
call SetTestRunner("!bin/cucumber")
exec g:bjo_test_runner g:bjo_test_file
elseif match(expand('%'), '_spec\.rb$') != -1
call SetTestRunner(a:rspec_type)
exec g:bjo_test_runner g:bjo_test_file
call SetTestRunner(a:rspec_type)
exec g:bjo_test_runner g:bjo_test_file
exec g:bjo_test_runner g:bjo_test_file
function! SetTestRunner(runner)
let g:bjo_test_runner=a:runner
function! RunCurrentLineInTest(rspec_type)
let in_test_file = match(expand("%"), '\(.feature\|_spec.rb\|_test.rb\)$') != -1
if in_test_file
call SetTestFileWithLine()
exec a:rspec_type g:bjo_test_file . ":" . g:bjo_test_file_line
function! SetTestFile()
let g:bjo_test_file=@%
function! SetTestFileWithLine()
let g:bjo_test_file=@%
let g:bjo_test_file_line=line(".")
function! OpenFactoryFile()
if filereadable("test/factories.rb")
execute ":sp test/factories.rb"
execute ":sp spec/factories.rb"
function! CopyToOSClipboard()
exec(":silent !cat % | pbcopy")
fun! SetTextFile()
let in_minimul_dir = match(expand("%"), 'www\/minimul\/data') != -1
if in_minimul_dir
setlocal textwidth=0
setlocal textwidth=78
" RENAME CURRENT FILE (thanks Gary Bernhardt)
function! RenameFile()
let old_name = expand('%')
let new_name = input('New file name: ', expand('%'), 'file')
if new_name != '' && new_name != old_name
exec ':saveas ' . new_name
exec ':silent !rm ' . old_name
" This is an alternative that also works in block mode, but the deleted
" text is lost and it only works for putting the current register.
"vnoremap p "_dp
" Only do this part when compiled with support for autocommands.
if has("autocmd")
" Enable file type detection.
" Use the default filetype settings, so that mail gets 'tw' set to 72,
" 'cindent' is on in C files, etc.
" Also load indent files, to automatically do language-dependent indenting.
filetype plugin indent on
" au FileType javascript call JavaScriptFold()
" Put these in an autocmd group, so that we can delete them easily.
augroup vimrcEx
" For all text files set 'textwidth' to 78 characters.
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile ~/www/minimul/data/*/* set syntax=html
autocmd FileType text call SetTextFile()
" Highlights the line you are doing input in
" autocmd InsertLeave * se nocul
" autocmd InsertEnter * se cul
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.md setlocal spell
au FileType xml setlocal equalprg=xmllint\ --format\ --recover\ -\ 2>/dev/null " type gg=G to pretty print xml
" autocmd FileType javascript setlocal expandtab shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4
" When editing a file, always jump to the last known cursor position.
" Don't do it when the position is invalid or when inside an event handler
" (happens when dropping a file on gvim).
autocmd BufReadPost *
\ if line("'\"") > 0 && line("'\"") <= line("$") |
\ exe "normal g`\"" |
\ endif
augroup END
endif " has("autocmd")
" Use Silver Searcher instead of grep
set grepprg=ag
" " Get rid of the delay when hitting esc!
set noesckeys
" (Hopefully) removes the delay when hitting esc in insert mode
set noesckeys
set ttimeout
set ttimeoutlen=1
color desert
highlight Search guifg=Black guibg=Red gui=bold
" Highlight the status line
highlight StatusLine ctermfg=blue ctermbg=yellow