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Mininet Contributors
Mininet is an open source project and we gratefully acknowledge
the many contributions to the project! If you have contributed
code into the project and are not on this list, please let us know
or send a pull request.
Contributors include:
Mininet Core Team (and alumni)
Bob Lantz
Brandon Heller
Nikhil Handigol
Vimal Jeyakumar
Brian O'Connor
Cody Burkard
Additional Mininet Contributors
Tomasz Buchert
Gustavo Pantuza Coelho Pinto
Fernando Cappi
Ryan Cox
Shaun Crampton
David Erickson
Glen Gibb
Andrew Ferguson
Eder Leao Fernandes
Gregory Gee
Jon Hall
Roan Huang
Vitaly Ivanov
Babis Kaidos
Rich Lane
Rémy Léone
Zi Shen Lim
David Mahler
Murphy McCauley
José Pedro Oliveira
James Page
Angad Singh
Piyush Srivastava
Ed Swierk
Darshan Thaker
Andreas Wundsam
Isaku Yamahata
Baohua Yang
Thanks also to everyone who has submitted issues and pull
requests on github, and to our friendly mininet-discuss
mailing list!