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Create a network where different switches are connected to
different controllers, by creating a custom Switch() subclass.
from import Mininet
from mininet.node import OVSSwitch, Controller, RemoteController
from mininet.topolib import TreeTopo
from mininet.log import setLogLevel
from mininet.cli import CLI
setLogLevel( 'info' )
# Two local and one "external" controller (which is actually c0)
# Ignore the warning message that the remote isn't (yet) running
c0 = Controller( 'c0', port=6633 )
c1 = Controller( 'c1', port=6634 )
c2 = RemoteController( 'c2', ip='', port=6633 )
cmap = { 's1': c0, 's2': c1, 's3': c2 }
class MultiSwitch( OVSSwitch ):
"Custom Switch() subclass that connects to different controllers"
def start( self, controllers ):
return OVSSwitch.start( self, [ cmap[ ] ] )
topo = TreeTopo( depth=2, fanout=2 )
net = Mininet( topo=topo, switch=MultiSwitch, build=False )
for c in [ c0, c1 ]:
CLI( net )
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