Overlay directories + Change the hostnames of nodes #610

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nhurman commented Apr 1, 2016
  • Adds support for OverlayFS type directories, same syntax as PrivateDirs
  • Changes the hostname in the different nodes, i.e. mininet> h1 hostname returns h1 and when you do xterm h1 you get a prompt like root@h1:~#
  • Because of this some tweaking is needed for X11 authentication to work (add the current MIT cookie with the new hostname)

Some programs expect hostnames to be unique hence this feature.

lantz commented Apr 1, 2016

I like overlayfs, which is why I implemented this in the servernode branch, but I should look at the X credentials if that works correctly!

lantz commented Apr 22, 2016 edited

The X authentication support doesn't work for me. In particular, xauth list $DISPLAY returns nothing if I'm using ssh X11 tunneling.

There should be some other way of extracting and adding the credentials.

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