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alazyer commented Apr 13, 2016

When start twice “mn”, as the port 6633 is taken by the first mn,
the second run will raise Exception, and triggers the cleanup method
defined in mininet/, but the cleanup doesn't cleanup the
"/usr/bin/env python /usr/local/bin/mn" process, which is added in this commit.

lantz commented Apr 22, 2016

I don't think this is quite the way to do it; pkill -f mn will kill anything with mn in it.

alazyer commented May 19, 2016

Why not just kill it? Any suggestions?

jhall11 commented May 19, 2016

I believe Bob meant that any process name that contains "mn" will be killed. For example a process with the name "column" would also be killed by this command. You could try using the -x option which will only match if the process name exactly matches the pattern given.

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