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The following instructions will guide you through how to set up the environment for the programming assignments. The first set of instructions is for working with a local machine or VM running Ubuntu. We also provide an Amazon EC2 AMI image with everything set up for people would like to run the lab on EC2 (ami-96139ba6, Oregon Region). You can find instructions on how to use an EC2 AMI image below. (Note: We strongly encourage you to use EC2 AMI image, since you can avoid version problems as POX/Mininet are open source projects and will continue to evolve.)

Using Your Own Ubuntu Machine or VM

Install Needed Tools

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y git vim-nox python-setuptools python-all-dev flex bison traceroute

Install Mininet

cd ~
git clone git://
cd mininet
./util/ -fnv

Note: older versions of the assignments required you to check out an older version of Mininet before running, but this should no longer be necessary:

git checkout remotes/origin/class/cs244
./util/ -fnv

Install POX

cd ~
git clone

Install ltprotocol

cd ~
git clone git://
cd ltprotocol 
sudo python install

Using Amazon EC2

The assignments only require a t1.micro instance, for which Amazon provides 750 free usage hours per month.

Launch an Instance with the provided AMI Image

  • Go to AWS Console
  • Switch to "Oregon" region, you can do so by pull down the region menu on the upper-right corner. The default is N. Virginia.
  • Click on "Launch an instance", then choose "Classic Wizard"
  • On the "Community AMIs", search for "ami-96139ba6". You should see an image with the Manifest of "Mininet_assignments".
  • Select the image, then keep clicking "Continue" on the next few page, until the page ask you to select your key pairs.
  • Choose the key pair you would like to login to your EC2 instance, then click on "Continue".
  • At the final page, you can find an "Launch" button. Click it and you are done!
  • Go to "Security Groups", select "default", then click on "Inbound" tab.
  • Select "SSH" from "Create a new rule" drop down.
  • Click "Add Rule" then "Apply Rule Changes"
  • Then use your key pair to login to your EC2 instance.
> ssh -Y -i <Your KeyPair> ubuntu@<your EC2 domain name>

The Image contains the starter code for all the assignments.

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