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Mininet Feature Requests

Since Mininet is an Open Source project, you are encouraged (and empowered) to add (or request) new features!!

Submitting Feature Requests

If there is a great feature that you would like to see in Mininet, please check the

If there is no issue for it, feel free to submit a new issue noting that it is a feature request.

Implementing New Features in Mininet

First, check the list of issues to see if there is an existing issue for your new feature. If so, check to see if anyone else is working on it.

If nobody else is working on the feature, create a new issue for it, and note in the issue that you are working on it so that we can avoid duplicating effort.

Once your feature is working (or in a state where it is worth discussing), submit a pull request to facilitate reviewing your patch and merging it in.

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