Mininet 2.1.0 Remaining Tasks

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  • Create S3 folder/repository for VMs (done)
  • test debuild
  • Try to create a build server VM (or at least an NFS server for local builds) (BL)
  • Automate examples/ testing as much as possible (BOC)
  • Pre-announce on mininet-discuss for additional testing and feedback
  • Final pass (proofreading, verification, and editing) on text files (README, INSTALL, etc.)
  • Verify that Walkthrough works with 2.1.0
  • Update Mininet 2.1.0 Release Notes
  • Update
  • Verify that 2.1.0rc1 works in Ubuntu Beta
  • Run automated tests again on all targets, and tag rc2 if they pass
  • Remaining manual tests
    • Verify that and work in VMs
    • Verify that x11 command line option and xterm CLI command works in VMs
  • Update VM build instructions
  • Investigate test failures on vbox
    • testLinearBandwidth (test_linearbandwidth.testLinearBandwidth)
    • testTopo (test_simpleperf.testSimplePerf)
  • Determine upload service (e.g. bitbucket, sourceforge) and upload vm images
  • Update Download/Installation instructions for 2.1.0
  • Synchronize debian packaging w/launchpad (BL)
  • Tag 2.1.0 final before Ubuntu Final Beta Freeze (Sep. 19th) (BL)
  • Announce on blog and on mininet-discuss (BL)

Deferred to post 2.1.0:

  • Fix ovf file so that
    • virtualbox doesn't give some unknown error about missing hardware
    • the os is specified as ubuntu-$arch
  • Automate VM upload from build script (BL - add function to script)
  • More (quick, high-leverage) unit tests for make test
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