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Mininet Apps and Tools

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A variety of useful applications and systems have been implemented using Mininet. Please feel free to add your own to this page.

(also see Mininet Community Extensions and Packages and the Mininet Documentation)

Mininet Examples

The Mininet source code includes a variety of useful examples of using the Python API.

GUI - Automatic Creation of Mininet Scripts

GUI - MiniEdit

  • An evolution of the example script included with Mininet. Add all kinds of capabilities to new controller, host, switch and link options.
  • Give you the option to save you topology and also export as a Mininet python script.

Included in Mininet in the examples/ directory.

Mininet Topology Visualizer

  • Online tool to visualize the topology generated by Mininet.
  • Use dump and links commands in Mininet console. Paste the result into the tool and press Render Graph

Network Namespace-aware Bandwidth Monitor

  • A patched version of Volker Gropps Bandwidth Monitor NG aka bwm-ng
  • Enables users to monitor the throughput of network interfaces in multiple network namespaces (e.g. Mininet hosts) at the same time
  • Especially useful when using Mininet with routers