Mininet Community Extensions and Packages

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This page is intended to be a simple reference to community-developed extensions to Mininet and other packages and tools which may be of interest to Mininet users.

(Note that one of the GSoC participants is prototyping a PyPI-like repository for Mininet-compatible Python packages, so that may be available in the future!)

If links are broken, please fix them - thanks! Please also feel free to improve the text descriptions.

Mininet Installation Packages for Other OSes

Mininet Porting for TinyCore Linux

Useful Tools for Mininet Users

Customized Mininet Versions and VMs

Mininet-based Systems

Reproducible Research Experiments

New Topologies (and Custom Controllers)

  • RipL-POX is a multipath-capable controller written in POX. The README explains how to create a Fat Tree topology using Mininet and use it with RipL-POX as the controller.

New Switch and Host Classes

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