Mininet Community Extensions and Packages

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This page is intended to be a simple reference to community-developed extensions to Mininet and other packages and tools which may be of interest to Mininet users.

(Note that one of the GSoC participants is prototyping a PyPI-like repository for Mininet-compatible Python packages, so that may be available in the future!)

If links are broken, please fix them - thanks! Please also feel free to improve the text descriptions.

Mininet Installation Packages for Other OSes

Useful Tools for Mininet Users

Customized Mininet Versions and VMs

Mininet-based Systems

Reproducible Research Experiments

New Topologies (and Custom Controllers)

  • RipL-POX is a multipath-capable controller written in POX. The README explains how to create a Fat Tree topology using Mininet and use it with RipL-POX as the controller.

New Switch and Host Classes